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Great tyro 2020-04-26 6:23

Dear Mrs. Robinson,

Firstly I must take exception to your ill advised note on your workshop image: "Writing was undertaken on slates, as might have happened in Victorian Times in the U.K.". I will have you know that when I started school in 1953 we wrote on slates - and we were none the worse for having been made so to do! So there. ;)

Now that matter is settled, you have shown us two wonderful photographs and some otherwise interesting notes! Your main image is beautiful and has been very thoughtfully composed with all the elements pleasingly placed in the frame. The light and colours are also remarkably good and there's excellent detail in the sky with some nice clouds - something which often seems to disappear with scanned photographs. And, as you say, the scene is remarkably quiet.

Your workshop photograph is lovely - a very fine and personal image of a group of very shy and composed young ladies, all beautifully and colourfully dressed but portrayed against a bare brick wall of their (presumably) classroom, while we see a much younger boy in the foreground to the left. So I presume these girls will stay at this school while the young boy will soon be sent to a more "advanced" school to continue his education to a higher level. I'd be interested to know how much things have (or haven't) changed in the last 27 years.


Take care and stay safe.

Kindest Regards,


P.S. Were these pictures on slides or were they prints - and how did you copy them with your camera?

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Default To tyro: Shalimar Gardens

Thank you for your warm comments, John.

Sorry, I didn't realise you were Dickensian! You carry your age well! (Just joking 😆😆!)

The photograph was a print.
I just placed it on a white backing paper and photographed it with my digital camera, freehand!
I suppose if I did any more, I might support the camera!

Keep safe,
Just looked at your recent photograph and love it!!
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Default Photographing prints.....

Hello again Bev,

Wow! That is such a wonderful copy of a print - and to think of the length and expense that some people go to in order to copy or scan old pictures! It's fantastic!

Hee, hee, I'm so glad you like my little old organ grinder!

And, yes, we did use slates when I first started at school - and that was in Wallasey, not all that far from you, I suppose.

Take care and stay safe. On that note, I must say that I'm not at all happy about the pressure that some people are exerting in an effort to come out of lockdown soon. It terrifies me to think that if they start opening schools, then all shops, pubs and football grounds, this virus will simply take off and spread like wild fire. Even now it would appear that an awful lot of people just aren't taking things very seriously at all.

Kind Regards,

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