To kasianowak: busy?

  • Thank you Kasia,

    I thought you said you were very busy?

    No Swedes today care about old kings, and 95% would probably have no idea what Gustav IV Adolf did, or didn't do. A few years ago it was suggested in Russia that Sweden criticized the attacks against Ukraine because we were still angry for the losses in wars in the 18th and 19th centuries. Most Swedes had a good laugh. What an absurd idea to think that anyone cared about what happened hundreds of years ago!

    And I am sure the people of Åland are perfectly happy to be Finnish citizens and to have their islands a demilitarized zone, as long as Swedish remains the official language.

    Stay well, work hard.

  • Working hard
    I just had a moment of crisis around lunchtime. That happens if I work 7 days a week...

    Have a nice evening! :-)