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This world comes to an end just a couple kilometers west, to stand face to face with another world of another age. (1)
And yet these two worlds were never in collision. (1)

1- Confused? The photo of the link I gave should answer all your questions, even if the text is only a few lines and covers also other topics... (2)

2 - Those topics include:
- the latest major event in the scope of Paleoclimate (3);
- two of the key areas in the scope of Climate (4);
- the pivotal point of the Discovery of Earth (5);
- the pivotal point of Paleogeology (6).

With these topics in mind, it is easy to understand other topics explicitly mentioned in that text, e.g. the explanation for:
- the climate of the Garden of Eden and for its remnants (7);  the location and end of age of Atlantis (7);
- megafauna extinctions, e.g. the end of the age of mammoths(8); origin of fossils (6), e.g. the end of the age of the dinosaurs. (9)

3- "Paleoclimatology" completely denies this fact, e.g. both the event and the date it ocurred. This despite the appearance of the ultimate evidence for its occurence. And most ironical, the dating of that event is the only case where the basic dating method which both "Paleoclimatology" and "Paleogeology" claim to use... should work.

4- Although these areas are at the core of Climatology, in particular today with the appearance of mass tourism and "climate rush" to Eldorados (e.g. coastal southern California), they are ignored to a large extent.
In fact I wrote a comprehensive document on one of these two subjects, e.g. a basic measurement method and a global overview of the World's Mildest Climates, because I did not found any elsewhere.
Despite a gigantic amount of weather data today,  getting the right exit in the "information highway" is not an easy task. The usual case is the first signs pointing at the false direction.
Examples of taking the opposite direction:
- 1000km long coasts of the Azores Islands, the largest remnants of the climate of the Garden of Eden, are signaled with "four seasons in one day";
- Florida coasts, with an uncomfortable climate for european races 6 to 8 months a year, are marketed as "retirement paradise" for wealthy (read whites).

5- "History" is in the process of rewriting it. Examples of
- new "facts": Azores islands appeared in maps before they were discovered by Prince Henry's captains;
- "facts" in the making: recent "serious" TV documentaries stating that genovese were the first to discover the Sub-Saharan coast of West Africa. Ironically although it is now well documented that Columbus was portuguese, "History" continues to deny it.

6- "Paleogeology" denies it, despite the evidence that has been always there for human eyes to see. (10)

7- "Science" does not cover the topics of the end of  [the continent of] Atlantis or of the remnants of the Garden of Eden, since it denies the existence of any of them.

8- See footnote (3).

9- See footnote (6).

10- Ironically "Paleogeology" denies its own true pivotal point (6), by adding fake pivotal points to... "Geology" (11). These fakes are supposedly visible to human eyes .. and now even supposedly  trackable with GPS....
Not less ironically the most "visible" of these "pivotal points" is ... where Atlantis once was....
How could, in the supposedly  Dark Age, Prince Henry and his cartographers or Ferdinand Magellan, as he discovered the end of the world's longest mountain range, ever imagine that the "Discovery" of Earth would end, a few centuries later, with an even longer fake range added to "Geography"(!) maps (11) ...

11- I refer to the more or less faked official version of each science embedded in quotes.
We now reached the time when, except for Climatology, that is the case, for any other science mentioned. We are past the time when fables (e.g "Paleoclimatology", "Paleogeology") are accepted as reality. Now we reached the time when you see with your own eyes a white wall and you can be convinced that it is a black one (e.g. "Geology", "Geography"). The very end of the voyage that begun at the Gates of Eden. (12)

12 - A fervent dream or just 37°? If you did not answer that question before, it is probably TOO LATE.

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