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Hello everyone!

I'm Charlie Bagah. I'm from Sabah, Malaysia.

I have been with photography for quite a few years.. Since the first time, I instantly like doing this kind of thing. I used to borrow my dad's old SLR camera, a Chinon brand when I was little. I even tried all the film cameras as well.

I bought a camera, Canon Powershot A430, some time ago. At that time, it was quite cheap plus the camera has some interesting features. Recently I just bought a new Canon Powershot A580 which offers more features.

I used to read quite a number of photography magazines. I tried some skills but it only works for SLRs.

I have just bought a Pentax K10D recently during a trip to visit my sister in Penang, Malaysia. Right now, I learning on how to take pictures using the Pentax which is quite hard to learn the functions and its features. Hopefully everything will go on well for me.

BTW, feel free to give comments or critiques on my photos. I like to know your view on them. I haven't add any photos but I will add them in the near future.
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Canon PowerShot A430, Canon PowerShot A580, Pentax K10D

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