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Hello, my name is Nick and I live in Greece.
Be truthful and strict to your critics, I want to be improved. I'll be strict with mine, but I will always grant 2 points for the effort.
If I like what I see I will comment both pros and cons of the photo.
I like girls, but that won't grant you extra points however beautiful you might be, sorry :-)
If you post something I don't agree, I will respond, we may have a beautiful discussion and whatever the result might be, I will enjoy it.
You may disagree with my POV, DOF, equipment used, F or Aperture value, program used or even my method. That's fine, propose me another way and I'll take it into consideration.
I won't be burst-posting every day another photo. I prefer to think twice before posting a shot and leave the posted photo to mature before the next takes place.
I have no concern of points, only the reasons behind the points granted are of major importance to me.

I hope you can contribute to me being better at what I do. Better equipment won't make one better, better comments and thoughtful responses will.

I want to tell you all how grateful I am for your comments. TE Policy does not permit "excessive thank you replies", so I have to thank you all once and in the description. I wish I could thank you everyone in person.

Thanks for visiting
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