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My family hates me for not taking enough pictures of them and too much pictures of strangers and the view.

Sometimes I wish I can explain to them why, but they just don't understand that my photography (my hands and my camera) will not cater to their vanity but it will to my curiosity.

I still consider myself as a novice compared to the more seasoned photographers in this site. For 25 years I have been learning photography with each exposure with each photo viewed. I turn 25 this April 07.

So I guess my greatest contribution to this so called art and science is forming, together with a group of friends from college a Photography Club where together with other enthusiasts we can learn and practice. So far everything is doing well. I have long sinced left the University and have ventured out into the open to conquer this so called life.

With this so called life I plan to take pictures along the way and share them of course. Discovery and Learning is part of my daily routine. Together with this is my expression through my art, through my lense with the use of more than a hundred years of photographys science and almost 25 years of experience.

I currently run as a freelances here in Las Vegas. Trying to make a little bit more to reinvest more capital onto better equipment and plane tickets to majestic places. I still try to stay with my roots as a film photographer. The scientific photographer in my wants to remain a purist but the artist in me wants to create and let lose my imagination through digital art... my quest is to find that balance.
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