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Hi everyone! Isn't this fun? I'm really enjoying looking at all your great photos. I hope you enjoy mine too. I mostly shoot nature and night cityscapes with the goal of creating beautiful images with fine art value as well as meaningful mementos of my travels. Pardon me for not including more people in my shots. I shoot a tripod-mounted camera with ground-glass focusing, so candids are pretty much out!

Update: Now I am realizing that many of you are not familiar with the kind of camera I use, so I will explain. It is a very simple tripod-mounted mechanical folding camera that has an expandable bellows to allow focusing. The interchangeable lenses (no zooms!) are mounted in clockwork leaf shutters. Focusing is done under a hood, on a ground glass screen that sits at the film plane. Then the ground glass is replaced by a roll-film holder, a dark slide is removed, and the shutter is tripped to expose the film. The "120" "medium format" film is about 6cm wide so it captures lots of detail and can be enlarged a lot, up to around 1 meter in the long dimension. The camera equipment is about 50 years old and quite affordable, but the film and processing costs are pretty high, around $1.40 US per exposure. That forces me to be very careful and deliberate in my work.
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