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Hello everyone,
I am Philip Staddon, born and raised in Toronto, Canada.
I have finally become a member of TE after many hours spent, as a non-member, admiring the work that has been posted here on this site.
I have loved photography since I was a child and often took my fathers' 35mm (without permission of course) out for an afternoon of fun. I had to be very selective of what I shot because the only film I had was what was left on the roll in the camera that my father had not used yet. I couldn't wait for my father to take the film in to be developed and printed, which sometimes took months, to see the final results of my days out with his Konica. At times you were bitterly disappointed and other times surprisingly elated with the outcome, but it always made me want to get back out shoot some more. I suppose some things never change, except nowadays you get an instant gratification with digital photography.
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Canon 450 D, Canon G11

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