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United Kingdom
I started trying to take pictures with a Paktrica in the 80. With time and a family, the camera became both redundant, and then obsolete.
After a series of small modern digital cameras, several years ago, I bought a Casio Exilim Z1000 a great little camera but I have always wanted a DSLR. In 2011, when on a cycling tour across Vietnam and Cambodia I had the use of a friends Canon SX10 for a day or two. This really showed me how much I had been missing.
I bought my new camera in January 2012, a Canon SX20. That year I tried to grips with all the menus and sub menus, not being a photographer. My plan was to learn more about the subject with a modern camera then move on to a DSLR.
In Greece, in May 2012, I met a retired photographer and had an afternoon of tips and talk round the subjects of filters, exposure and what I call post composition correction. I dont know anything about this side of photography and until Greece was against the idea of image correction. But the reasoned arguments of my betters are showing me that I need to embrace the dark arts . I too have now also started to use post composition correction using M/S Office picture manager.

June 2012

Up date 2013, Continuing to looking more in to the "dark arts"
I am currently looking at of soft ware. I have also bought a Nikon D5100 in the hope that i can do the camera justice. Time will tell. roy
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Canon SX20 IS, Casio Exilim Z1000, Nikon D5100

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