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White Church Deep Blue Sea
White Church Deep Blue Sea (36)
Trip Date:2003-10-10 - 2003-10-24
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Countries visited:Greece
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I invite you to share my photographic memories of Greece. My wife and I travelled there for our honeymoon in the fall of 2003. It was not a long tour, so we were only able to visit Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini. But it was enough time to create many memories and make me yearn to return.

The trip was also filled with several misadventures for me which now I can look back at and smile.

I really loved the food and I never grew tired of the old standbys like Mousaka, Souvlakia, Sadziki sauce, powerful powdery Greek coffee, and perhaps the simplest but best breakfast there is - yogurt with honey. Brilliant!

Visually, you can't really go to Athens and not be awed by how the Acropolis just dominates the view wherever you go. And in the Kyklades, the whitewashed villages against fabulous views of the South Aegean sea are absolutely mesmerizing.

While I was only able to capture a tiny piece of the beauty of Greece, I hope you enjoy my photos.

Now for those misadventures that always seem to make a trip more interesting when retold. There were a trio of events.

1. My filters were pick-pocketted while walking thru a flea market in Athens. While I was hopeful the filters might show up for sale as I continued on thru the market, I was not so lucky.

2. With my bulky Manfrotto tripod strapped to my backpack, I walked into a small, cramped souvenir shop in Fira, Santorini. I walked down one really narrow aisle and when I turned around to walk back, my tripod knocked over a few vases that started a chain reaction wave of pottery items smashing and crashing to the floor. The wave of items falling to the ground seemed to never end. I ended up having to purchase about $200 worth of broken items. Ouch! So needless to say, these days I never follow my wife into a shop with my equipment ;)

3. Finally, I lost my wedding ring on Mykonos, which was not an inspiring way to start a marriage. Apparently I had lost a few pounds between being fitted for the ring and getting married that the ring slipped off without me noticing. The only silver lining here was that it was a very, very modest ring.

But I like I said, much time has passed, and I can smile in retelling the stories.

Doug Arrasin