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Riksha (28)
Trip Date:2007-01-11 - 2007-02-09
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Countries visited:Bangladesh
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A month assigment from office in Bangladesh makes me excited. But unfortunately I have no time even to go out for hunting pictures. First time got in Bangladesh, my thought was...gees...its like indonesia. With all the traffic and the crowded. And it is facinating to see this new culture as this is my first time to Bangladesh. So usually on my lunch break I too some picture as much as I can. Well mostly as a documentation of what interest me. But some of it I think good enough to post here.

In one month assignment here, i was stayed in dhaka for a day and the continue to Chittagong. Chittagong is the port and industrial city of Bangladesh. Staying in an old hotel in Agrabad, the service is not really good compare to their prices. There is a peninsula hotel in downtown but a little far from my office. In Agrabad, one thing i noticed that people will got to your room at least 5 times a day. For what ... i dont know. And be careful of what you pay. Also becareful of the water. Drink water from the bottle only even it's not totally guarantee.

Second city I visited is Sylhet. Less than Chittagong. But I think Sylhet is nicer than Chittagong. Room hotel here usually start from 400 - 1000 taka.

For food, make sure that you know how much you order. Because usually the porsion is huge. People will expect tips every time. And they are not always prepare with napkins so if you use napkins a lot bring your own.