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Trip Date:2006-12-06 - 2007-03-09
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Countries visited:Benin
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I went to Benin knowing very little about the country. It wasn't my fault; after all, we are all products of our environment. My old occidental environment told me that Sub-Saharan Africa is a poor and underdeveloped part of the globe that is very very far away. It didn't have much else to say on the matter.

So, what I found in Benin completely blew me away. I can't remember what I thought it would be like, but I couldn't have imagined such a place in my wildest dreams.

What really struck me though was the inspiration that I drew from the country. I am forever indebted to Benin in this respect. It isn't much, but I want to start making my payments by showing those who have never been what it was like. Benin is a part of the world that is forgotten by far too many; I hope that, through my photos, you can see why I think this way.