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the small boat
the small boat (84)
Trip Date:2007-07-26 - 2007-08-09
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Countries visited:Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands
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with friends and cameras ;)
a trip crossing the Denmark in a quite short but very intense timing...

on the road to the Denmark, we have done a break in Delft and then visit Amsterdam the day after

arrival in Denmark
first, in the west (Jylland)

Ribe (old 'centrum' and jazz festival),
Århus (the old town, center, & Moesgaard with the viking meeting ;) & the museum of prehistory and Viking period),
Viborg (and the countryside around),
Skagen (village and the extrem north of Jylland where north sea meet baltic sea),
Mariager (for the architecture),
Ebeltoft (for the architecture),
Rønde (Kalø slotsruin),
near Billund (for a little visit to Legoland ;)...

then we went to the east (Sealand)

Copenhagen (centrum, visit of rundetarn, Vor Frelsers church, Christianhavn, Christiania, visit by boat, royal places, public squares/parks...),
Roskilde (the cathedral, the harbour & around the Roskilde fjord),
Hillerød (Fredericksborg castle),
Helsingør (Kronborg castle),
north of Sealand (beaches and nice landscapes...)
Gammel Lejre (architecture and the stone ship),
Køge (for the architecture, with one of the oldest house of Denmark),

finaly back to France, stoped once again in Holland (Gouda) and visited Leiden

a friend wanted to see Brugge on the way, we saw it just a couple of hours by a rainy day (the more we were going back to France, the more it was raining...)