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Trip Date:2008-07-01 - 2008-07-11
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Countries visited:Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland
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My husband daughter and I visited Swaziland, Kruger Park & Blyde River Canyon in South Africa, and Maputo Mozambique over 10 days. We have some friends who had a three year contract in Swaziland at the same time as my cousin was working in Zambia, so we decided last July was as good of time as any to visit Africa. This travelogue focuses on the Swaziland portion.

While in Swaziland we stayed in Mbabane and visited Mlilwane nature park, Ngwenya glass factory, and Malolotje Nature Park. Then we traveled with our friends to Kruger Park and Blyde River Canyon in South Africa. We came back to Swaziland and saw Mantenga Nature reserve and the Swazi Cultural Village. Our last full day we drove out to Maputo, for seafood and to see the Indian Ocean.

We loved Swaziland. It is a country that is open to visitors and quite safe. People seemed genuinely interested in having us back and prices were very reasonable and fair (something we didn't experience in Zambia). Our little girl did just fine riding around in the back seat while we drove for an hour or two to see something. It was so nice to be in a place where one could see so much in such a little space. As for South Africa, we liked that as well. It had an odd, wild west meets Africa feel, to me. It was beautiful though and I would definitely recommend it. Our trip to Maputo was crazy, in that we spent 6 hours driving plus over almost two hours crossing boarders. We loved the whole experience though, ate some incredible seafood, and saw a country that was very different than all the others we visited while in Africa. It had a completely different feel, than the others we visited.