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Fraternité enfantine
Fraternité enfantine (4)
Trip Date:2007-07-16 - 2007-07-27
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Countries visited:Armenia
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Unlike its capital Yerevan, modernized and developped city, Armenian countryside is just a rural misery. And after the devastating earthquake stroke region of Spitak and Gyumri in 1988, the situation looked hopeless, with 25000 victimes and buildings turned into ashes. Humanitarian aid from Europe resulted in constructing villages around Spitak with rows of barracks to put people in. Those villages have no name, they are called called after the nation who helped its construction: 'Suiss' village, 'Italian', village...

In 2007 I took part in a volontary camp near Spitak where volonteers organized summer school for children of 'Italian' village. Following photos are taken during that time.