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Trip Date:2004-11-13
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Countries visited:Italy
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Living in Croatian city Rijeka I am in good position to travel in Venice whenever I have time, because it is only few hours to trawel. There is a lot's of reasons to visit this more than beautyful city, and you can do that in every part of year. In the time of carnival, or time of film festival, or some important exibition like in my case this time. It was Salvador Dali exibition.
Only one day but like holiday:-).

Venice is city with long history. The first settlers of Venice were the Ligurians who perhaps came first and established themselves on the Euganei hills arriving here from the sea and the land, the Trojans escaping from their town and the Venetians coming from the Slavonic countries.
Today we can se so much of their arcitecture and history. One of the most beautyful bridges, one of "thousand" is RIALTO which was the first harbour of Venice.
Beautyful churches, streets...